Production shot of NCT's MAMMA MIA!

Review: Cheaper than the Price of a Ticket to Greece, NC Theatre’s Production of ‘Mamma Mia!’ is a Musical Trip that will Leave You Singing and Dancing for Days

By Lauren Van Hemert If you go into the North Carolina Theatre production of Mamma Mia! looking for a piece of theater that is prophetic or life-changing, then you might…

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Production shot.

Review: Innovative Storytelling Upends Expectations in Justice Theatre Project’s Production of ‘Men on Boats’

By Kim Jackson Innovative storytelling of a piece of history could be the quick description of The Justice Theatre  Project’s production of Jaclyn Backhaus’ Men on Boats, but that would…

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Theatre in the Park production shot of Ira David Wood IV and Ira David Wood III.

Review: Theatre in the Park’s ‘A Life in the Theatre’ is Bittersweet, Humorous, and Mesmerizing

By Kim Jackson A Life in the Theatre starring the father-son duo, Ira David Wood III and Ira David Wood IV, is a darkly humorous behind-the-scenes tour of life as…

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Man with glasses standing, promotional graphic of Ira David Wood III.

Podcast Outtake with Theatre in the Park’s Ira David Wood III

By Lauren Van Hemert Earlier this week, a podcast listener asked me about a quick edit/jump in this week’s podcast episode. She wanted to know if I had cut one…

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