Live Chat: Virtual Talk Back with Arts Access

How is COVID-19 affecting people living with disabilities? Hear what Betsy Ludwig, Executive Director of Arts Access, Doug Kapp, an actor living with low vision, Ronnie Marshall, an Arts Access Board Member, and Philip Woodward, of the NC Council on Developmental Disabilities have to say about this pandemic and the resources available to people living with disabilities.

NCCDD has a webpage of COVID-19 resources for people with disabilities, including a Physical Isolation Plus Social Solidarity Initiative. For more information visit:

A toll-free Hope Line has been established for older adults experiencing isolation from social distancing. Call 1-866-578-4673 or 1-866-578-HOPE.

Also, I would encourage you tosubscribe to the Arts Access newsletter, as they will be providing resources in the coming weeks. For more information visit

For more information on RDU on Stage’s virtual events, visit the RDU on Stage Calendar Page.

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