Ep. 68: Love, Acceptance, Transgenderism

A conversation with Mac and Judy McCord and Karen Topham about love, family, acceptance, and transgenderism.

About the Guests

Mac and Judy McCord create puppets and train actors to be puppeteers in theatrical productions throughout North Carolina. For more information visit http://www.tanglewoodpuppets.

Karen Topham is the owner of ChicagoonStage.com. She has a long history with Chicago, having graduated from Northwestern in 1978 with a BA in English. (with some theatre thrown in for fun). She also has a Masters in Teaching. and Directing from Roosevelt. She taught high school English, Creative Writing, and Drama for almost four decades. She was the first transgender teacher to transition in place in America. When not watching plays (or spending hours driving to the city to do so), she hangs out with my husband or my cats, talks to my grown children, or writes. For more information visit http://karentopham.com/.


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