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Women’s Theatre Festival

The Women’s Theatre Festival (WTF) is a group of theatre artists, both women+ and allies, who seek to address gender parity, diversity, & inclusion in the theatre community. Our goal is to achieve gender parity in the theatre community.

Review: WTF’s Virtual Fringe Festival is Off to a Strong Start

Embracing both the challenges and opportunities of technology, the Women’s Theatre Festival Fringe series streamed a variety of “live” performances on Saturday night, providing a possible glimpse of how we might be experiencing theatre as the coronavirus pandemic continues. Read what Kim Jackson has to say about the first weekend of virtual productions.

Live Chat with Jacqueline E. Lawton (XIX)

Following a two-day workshopping process of Jacqueline E. Lawton's new play XIX about the role of Black women in the women's suffrage movement, the Women's Theatre Festival is presenting a virtual reading of excerpts from the play during their WTF Fringe Festival. Hear what Lawton has to say in advance of the reading to RDU on Stage.

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