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Kim Jackson

Kim moved to Raleigh with her family just over two decades ago, and she has loved her life in the Triangle. When her children were younger, she made the rounds of family-fun events at the museums as well as kept busy with hockey, gymnastics and Irish dance. Now, her kids are in college (Go Pack!), one has graduated (Elon), and she has the opportunity to pursue other interests, like theater. Kim majored in history and English, also receiving advanced degrees in both, and held jobs where she wrote for various in-house publications. She is also a member of the American Theatre Critics Association. She’s excited to be a part of Beltline to Broadway and looks forward to sharing her reflections on our dynamic theater community.

Theater Review: ‘Orange Light’ Ignites a Firestorm of Pain, Anger, and Indignation

The Bulldog Ensemble Theater production of Howard Craft’s Orange Light delivers not only an emotional tribute to the people who perished in the 1991 Imperial Foods fire in Hamlet, North Carolina but also a piercing indictment of how the aftermath was handled by those who had the power to affect change. Read what Kim Jackson has to say about the production.

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