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Review: Some Magic Moments Make Theatre Raleigh’s ‘Beehive’ Worth the Time Traveling Trip

By Lauren Van Hemert Fans of American Bandstand will revel in the nostalgia of it, while baby boomers may be more reflective on the counterculture of the time. Either way,…

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Promotional graphic from RLT's Beehive.

Video: Theatre Raleigh’s Tim Seib and Dakota Mackey-McGee Talk ‘Beehive,’ Female Empowerment, and More

The 60’s musical Beehive is a celebration of music and women’s empowerment. It was a decade dominated by the civil rights movement, student movement, anti-war movement, and women’s movement. The…

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Review: ‘Where Words Once Were’ Leaves Young Audiences with More Questions than Answers

By Grace Niesel, Junior Correspondent With themes of dictatorship and a nationalist government, Finegan Kruckemeyer’s Where Words Once Were could be considered to be too heavy to have been included…

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Promotional photo, WHERE WORDS ONCE WERE, Theatre Raleigh.

Video: ‘Where Words Once Were’ is a cross between ‘The Hunger Games’ and Shakespeare

Hear what else Director Noah Putterman, Qualia Holder-Cozart (Girl), and Vincent Bland (Orhan) of Theatre Raleigh’s next family production ‘Where Words Once Were” have to say about Finegan Kruckemeyer’s dystopian…

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