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North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre strives to offer the community entertaining, innovative, and artistically valuable theatre experiences in an intimate space. Additionally, NRACT is committed to nurturing a lifelong passion for theatre by offering quality theatre education classes.

Theater Review: Emotionally Charged ‘Bourbon at the Border’ Interrogates the Retelling and Rewriting of History

From organizing sit-ins, Freedom Rides, marches, and massive voter registration drives, like the one in Mississippi in 1964, champions of civil rights were often beaten, arrested, and left for dead. So, what was the psychological toll of the Civil Rights Movement on the Emmett Till Generation? That is the central question of Pearl Cleage’s play BOURBON AT THE BORDER, now playing at North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre (NRACT). Read what Lauren Van Hemert has to say about the timely significance of the production.

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