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Dani Jessant

Dani Jessant is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and has lived in North Carolina since 2015. She’s enjoyed the world of performance arts from a young age, with her start as the family “comedian,” always finding ways to be the life of the family event. The love of laughter has motivated Dani to seek out organizations where she can express her passion for performing, speaking, writing and provoking an impactful emotion for her audience.

Dani graduated from Joppatowne High School, where she was a member of the Speech Forensics team. She specialized in Children Literature and Dramatic Interpretation and was the recipient of multiple awards for her high school Speech Forensic competitions.

High School is the period in which Dani found her passion for theatre and performed as lead roles in her Junior and Senior years. She continued her studies at Towson University, where she joined the Speech team. Dani won national awards for her Dramatic Interpretation performances and is so excited to be apart of the RDU On Stage team, to ignite her passion for the art through active participation.

Dani’s other experiences include extensive volunteer work, such as: working on a mission in Ghana and providing services for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Beyond the arts, Dani also shares a passion for mental wellness and centers most of her work around the topic.

Today, she shares with people around the world her experiences and the means by which she became “All Cult Up” through her book Brown Girl All Cult Up, a book written as a reflection of her personal story with religion and self-love. She spends her time conducting workshops, speakings and sharing her mission to promote self-love through her selftivity curriculum and interactive self-love storytelling company, Health Be Mind

Dani is a proud mom of three wonderful children. She shares her heart with her little ones.

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