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Bulldog Ensemble Theater

Bulldog Ensemble Theater is a group of Durham artists who create exciting productions of the best new American plays that speak to our community. Inspired by the 30-year legacy of Durham’s Manbites Dog Theater, where many of us first came together, we work to cultivate artists and audiences for adventurous material. That includes developing plays by local writers and teaching classes in theater arts for community members.

Theater Review: ‘Orange Light’ Ignites a Firestorm of Pain, Anger, and Indignation

The Bulldog Ensemble Theater production of Howard Craft’s Orange Light delivers not only an emotional tribute to the people who perished in the 1991 Imperial Foods fire in Hamlet, North Carolina but also a piercing indictment of how the aftermath was handled by those who had the power to affect change. Read what Kim Jackson has to say about the production.

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