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Christopher Bailey, Sr.



What started out as a mere hobby, working as a videographer for churches and small events quickly evolved into a passion for movie creation. At a very young age Christopher and his brother, was introduced to the world of theatre by their mother. She believed in exposing them to different things. It was her way in cultivating her children to be well rounded individuals who had the ability to think critically as well as creatively. Christopher attended the University of Louisville where he began his professional journey into the arena of theatre. After college, Christopher moved to North Carolina to plant his flag and set up shop to become a creative production company that not only produced amazing content, but offered clients world renowned service that was second to none. ‚Äč Since their relocation to Raleigh, North Carolina in 2002, the company formally known as B-Creative Entertainment LLC. went through a re-branding due to every changing landscape of the entertainment industry. Although the company’s name and logo changed to B-Creative Enterprises LLC. the main goal of the company has remained the same. “Quality over Quantity”. With this consistent attitude, clients can be assured that every project will receive excellent customer service, attention to detail and professionalism on every level. “We see to it that all projects are treated as if they are our very own.” ~ Christopher N. Bailey, Sr. ~ Over the years we’ve had the awesome privilege to work with some phenomenal talent. From 2015 – 2019, BCE LLC. partnered with Paneh Mime Ministries International to produce their Annual “Desperate 4Him Mega Mime Conference”, that drew in 1,500 to 2,000 mimes from over 30 states and 3 countries. In 2020 as the U.S. was facing a pandemic that was shutting the doors of major corporations, BCE LLC. was able to safely and successfully work with talented playwrights such as “Moses T. Alexander Greene”, on his gospel stage play “Pooled”, “Melissa Wade” of “Wade In The Water Productions” and “103.9fm The Light”, partnered with non- profit / Love Advocate “J. Dwayne Garnett” of “Love Is A Parable” and “Brother’s Empowerment”, produced video content for the “East Coast Basketball League” and the “Wake Forest Capitals Semi-Pro Basketball Team”, and we collaborated with musical artists such as “Sandra Dubose” for the “2020 African American Cultural Festival” and “Kim Person”, whom we wrote and directed her newly released music video entitled; “Through It All”. This video was launched on the following platforms: (Apple Music, Tidal, VEVO, Symphonic, and YouTube). Understanding the creative process is essential to us building strong partnerships and bringing our clients vision to life. As they release their baby (i.e. their project) to us, we are therefore tasked to breathe life into said project whereas it fulfills its purpose and the vision of the visionary is fully realized. We invite you to tour our site, check out our work and then follow us on all of our social media platforms. If you have a project and you want someone to come along side to help you birth your vision into reality, then look no further. We’re here and ready to work with you. “When you seek to serve yourself you live a life of mediocrity. But when you seek to serve others you enter into the realm of greatness.”