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Ep. 70: A Conversation with Kristin Cooper, First Lady of North Carolina

About the Guest

Kristin Cooper is honored to serve as First Lady of North Carolina, the state she has called home for nearly three decades.

As first lady, Kristin is using her voice and her platform to champion the well-being of children in North Carolina. As a mom, attorney, and guardian ad litem for many years, she is primarily focused on the issues of foster care, child abuse and neglect, childhood hunger, early childhood development and literacy, as well as access to the arts and nature for children’s overall health and wellness. She hopes that her attention to these causes highlights their individual challenges, opportunities, and successes, while underscoring the intersectionality among them.

She and Governor Roy Cooper raised their three daughters here in North Carolina. Each of them is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Hear what Kristin Cooper, First Lady of North Carolina, has to say to RDU on Stage about theater, family, quarantine-life, and more.

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